Monday, July 09, 2012

Of course, i dream a lot but few have been striking enough that i would want to record them - until this morning.

I'm climbing up what seems to be a sheer rock face, one that's been designed, much like one of those impossible scenarios typical of video games. Each pixel of this contrived universe is a three-dimensional cube rather than a square, so irregularities in the rock surface provide stable toeholds, making my ascent swift and almost effortless. I realize i'm wearing only my beat-up bedroom slippers but that does not hinder my progress. There is an unidentified colleague a short distance below me and to my right, intent on reaching the top in friendly rivalry. We feel we are about to breach the top when i realize there is a cast concrete ceiling that caps the entire structure preventing further progress. On closer examination, i can just make out a terrace set back in the cliff face, and just below the ceiling. Preparations are being made for an exclusive party with tables and chairs set out.

Climbing the rock face represents the formidable task of taking on the monetary system on which the entire world as we know it is built. On closer examination, this is a man-made, artificial world. What is constructed, can be deconstructed. Its intrinsic properties provide the toeholds that allow access. The bedroom slippers signify that i am not particularly prepared, nor suited, for this task, yet i am able to perform effectively. The colleague represents others necessary for the process but who do not grasp the extent as fully as i do, and while actively seeking alternatives, are somewhat conservative/conventional/cautious in their approach. The concrete ceiling gives the appearance of impenetrability, an insurmountable barrier since it offers no purchase, but the party on the terrace, representing unconscionable "high living" provides an opening. There is no security since no one is expected to approach from this side.

The whole video game sense of unreality reflects my belief that all of existence is leela, a game. It is nothing more than Being playing itself. This world-view makes it easy to recognize the game that the monetary economy is. It is just as easy then to change the game as it is to change the rules. The impenetrable fortress that the Powers That Be have constructed can be breached not only by the lack of vigilance at the top, but by the very greed and uncaring consumption that typifies the elite.

Note: Never play video games, yet this meme obviously fit the bill.